The Urban Wood Collective is a group of sawyers, woodworkers, wood purveyors, and enthusiasts that participate in salvaging trees from urban environments.

At La Macchia Design Group, we strive to be as sustainable as possible. Part of that process means using materials that have been salvaged or recycled. Yes, wood is a renewable resource, but it is not to be taken for granted or needlessly forested. Every tree we recycle from an urban setting is one tree saved from large scale factory logging.

UWC is the brainchild of Joseph La Macchia and was founded in 2010. Joseph has been salvaging and upcycling materials since the mid 90‘s when he built his first piece of furniture, a queen sized headboard, from old kiwi crates. As Joseph’s career progressed, he turned his focus to fine furniture, but didn’t want to rely on wood from unknown sources and unclear methods of forestry. He wanted to meld both his passion to salvage materials and create fine furniture into a mutually beneficial relationship.  A chance encounter and discussion with a local arborist turned into the idea of saving these doomed urban trees from the landfill. The next day Joseph saved his first urban tree, a 100 plus year old claro walnut from Berkeley, CA in 2007. That was the moment when the Urban Wood Collective was born.

Anyone can become a part of UWC. If you see a log or know of a tree that’s scheduled to be removed, but don’t know what to do, please contact us. We will put the information out to our community and give that log a chance to become something more than just ashes. We are predominately focussed in Southeastern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois, but the network is broad, if you are located in outlying areas don’t hesitate to reach out.

If you’d like to become a part of the UWC, or know of a log to be salvaged, please send us an email <here>

Treecycling; the process of salvaging fallen urban trees and using this all too often wasted resource to make handcrafted UrbanWood products, while maintaining a connection to the origin of the tree through technological resources like geo location whenever possible. Taking these extra steps adds to the legacy and story behind each piece that is created from saving these lost trees.

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