My hands will make it, so yours may hold it

They will cut and shape it,

so your eyes will be pleased by it

All of my senses will bring it to life,

so that you may enjoy it with all of yours

-Joseph G. La Macchia


I believe there are things about each of us that we can’t escape. Things so deep within us they’re ingrained into our DNA.

For me, that thing in its core and simplest form is to create. I've spent my life both chasing and running from it. Then the moment came, after a sea change event in life, when I took the leap and decided to embrace my destiny as an artist. From that point on, I stopped compromising on how I made my way in this world.

Since I was a boy, I knew I wanted to make things. I would take my toys apart and invent new ones.  As the years passed, I migrated away from those toys and on to many other things. All of which have led me to this point and defined who I am as an artist. From drawing,  photography, ceramics, landscape and hardscape design, graphic design, painting, organic farming and gardening, merchandising, finish carpentry,  and general contracting.

In one form or another, for most of the last decade, I've spent my time working with wood. Now, I fill my days exclusively with pencil shavings and sawdust, as both designer and craftsman.

I take a fresh and dynamic approach in creating unique pieces, that can be the highlight of a room, or the perfect compliment to great architectural themes. My work integrates modern design sensibilities with traditional craftsmanship,  to produce heirloom quality furniture.

To help minimize my footprint, I use locally sourced materials and environmentally friendly products whenever possible. I’ve developed relationships with several small sawyers and wood purveyors who help me salvage urban trees from becoming firewood and wood chips. This method allows me to save whole or partial logs, which in turn gives me the freedom to build furniture from a single source tree. This help keeps grain and color consistent throughout each build and adds to the legacy of the piece.

I pick my woods meticulously and hunt for just the tree for each project.I’ve been salvaging and upcycling materials since the mid 90’s and then through that work I became more focused and passionate about saving lost urban trees around 2007 when I saved my first urban  tree, a 100 plus year old claro walnut in Berkeley CA. I still have some of that  wood, which I cherish for its beauty, as a symbol of my first saved tree and this work that I deeply respect.

My client base generally includes those who appreciate artisanal quality goods made with carefully selected materials and an uncompromising attention to detail.

With each day, I develop a deeper and deeper perspective on my aesthetic vision and my compositional direction. My work is fluid, which keeps me fresh and excited with each new day in the studio. It’s what I love most about what I do.

Please feel free to contact me and let’s see what beautiful things we can dream up together. I’m here to help.

So how can I create that signature piece just for you?

Ciao -


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